Motherboard + CPU Combo Doesn't Work Well With Ram

I have a MSI Z77 GD-65 gaming board with an i7-2600k. I recently started overclocking and messing with the BIOS and what not and I realized that my ram frequency was capped at 800mhz. The set I bought was a 4x4 GSkill 1600 mhz set. I did a little research and realized that for my mobo to get that ram speed, it needs a 22nm architecture and the sandy is 32nm. So my questions are this:

1) Would the increase in Ram speed improve performance at all? The board supports a lot more than just 1600, so OC is possible.

2) If 1 would increase performance, Should I get an i5-3570k or an i7-3770k or change both the mobo and processor and go with the Haswell variants of those two processors.

I tend to use my computer for gaming, but I like to enjoy the best general performance possible. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    DDR = double data rate.
    800x2 = 1600mz, nothing wrong with your ram.
    and sandy-bridge should be able to utilize higher frequency ram.

    You will not gain any performance increase from OC'ing ram.
    You get higher frequency = Good.
    You also get higher CAS latency = Bad.
    Games rely more on lower CAS latency, should be around 9.

    No need to upgrade just yet, stay with sandy-bridge atleast until the next generation.
  2. Awesome. Thanks for answering.
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