Samsung 40 inch Smar TV and a Tosheba DVD player/recorder

I just got a Samsung 40" Class LED 1080p UN40EH5300 Smart TV and Toshiba 620 DVD recorder VHS player. I need to know how to record over the air shows on my DVD recorder. I do not find out connections on TV.
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  1. Since your Toshiba DVR620 does not have a TV Tuner, you need to add a TV tuning device between the antenna and the recorder. That device needs to have either a composite video output (single yellow video out) or, preferably, a component video output (three red/blue/green video out) to connect to the input of your DVD recorder. You could then use the HDMI output of the DVD Recorder to one of the HDMI inputs of the HDTV.

    Something like this Insignia Digital TV Converter Box should work.

    -Wolf sends
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