Re-installing Windows 7 and formatting HDD, need help backing up drivers.

Greetings, I'll cut right down to it.

I'm planning on re-installing Windows 7, and for that I'm planning on formatting my hard drive. Currently, my computer has an unwanted .dll in the system files (Sendori), which doesn't seem to hinder my performance too much, but it prevents me from capturing my screen, along with a few other programs. Basically, I need to format my hard drive to remove all malicious items, and re-install windows.

Here's my dilemma: I recently re-installed windows on my laptop, and although it installed correctly, it was at first missing most of it's drivers, specifically the network and integrated graphics drivers. I was able to get them back from my other computer, but they came in an group of installers. I have a hand built desktop, the computer in question, and I'm wondering how I would go about saving all of the important drivers that may get deleted, and finding out how to re-implement them after the clean install has taken place.

tl;dr: Formatting and re-installing Windows 7, currently have Windows 7. Hand built desktop, need to save drivers that could possibly get wiped in the format (Network, graphics, processor [Intel], and other drivers). Wondering how to find them (and possibly put them on a USB or disc, and install them after the install.

Any resources, lessons, etc. would be very helpful and I'd appreciate it immensely!

Thanks for your help,

Just in case it's relevant, system specs:
16GB (4x4GB Corsair VENGANCE 1866) RAM
Intel Core i5-3570K CPU @ 3.4GHz (4 CPUs)
1TB Main HDD (7200RPM, Seagate if I'm not mistaken)
2TB Storage HDD (7200RPM, Seagate Barracuda)
ASUS P8Z77-V PRO Motherboard (The one with the little wifi adapter)
NVidia GeForce GTX 560Ti (Both monitors run out of this GPU, so a driver would be nice)
850W PSU, Don't remember much about it, but I don't think much is needed.
ASUS BluRay Disc Drive (Burn/Read)

P.P.S. Also wondering, I have a USB keyboard and mouse, webcam, and speakers. To my knowledge, these don't need to have their drivers manually installed, right? You just plug them in and they install manually? It'd just be the drivers for internet right? Sorry if I seem uneducated about this, but there's only one way to learn!

Thanks again!
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    Best and easiest way is to go to the manufacturers website(s), download, and save them to a CD or USB stick.
    The way I do it is one folder for each device, and maybe correctly named subfolders for each function

    Mouse, maybe not
    Keyboard, maybe not
    Speakers, no.
    Webcam, probably.
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