Need new cpu cooler and 8350

Hey everyone, I just recently bought a newly built computer as I didn't feel comfortable building one my self. The computer doesn't even have an hour of use yet, but I want to purchase an aftermarket cpu cooler.

I'd like to keep it around $80 or so but can go up to $100 if needed. I do not plan to OC, it's an AMD 8350 with 12gb of ram, gtx 760, gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard and the case is the corsair 300r windowed edition.

I want something that will give good performance but honestly my main concern is ease of install has I don't have any prior experience working with computers.
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  1. A cooler master hyper 212 Evo is the best air cooling you can get for your buck
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    When you bought the new computer what Heat Sink came with it ? Just a stock AMD heat sink ?

    Here are a couple that you can look at.
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