i accidentally pressed the sleep button on my keyboard and my computer fell asleep but now it wont wake up,

My motherboard is the 970 extreme 4 and windows 8 if that helps, and the lights and fans turn on. but my monitor says it has no signal and the keyboard light doesn't turn on. I've tried unplugging it and restarting it and pressing the esc button but no luck.
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  1. Check inside the case. You may need to pull the cover off and blow everything out with a can of compressed air. Then unseat and reseat all cables inside the case.

    If you're not confortable with doing that take it to a shop.
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    If the Psu has a rocker switch on it.
    switch it to the off state.
    Remove the power cord from it for about ten seconds.
    Reconnect the power cord.
    And turn the rocker switch back.

    It may be a case that one of the PSU protection circuits needs to be reset.
    If that fails. then you may need to clear the bios of the board to get it to boot again.
  3. Thanks! that worked for me.

    After win7 went into "sleep" it couldn't see usb kbd or usb mouse. I was getting ready to re-install win7.

    Instead I flipped rocker on power supply, pulled the power for 10 sec and now it works!

    You saved me!
  4. Thank you, this worked for me too!
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