How much amps does a 300w PSU usually have?

The video card i have needs at least a minimum of a 300w psu and 18 amps, and i dont wanna take the cover off, since im not ready to put in the new video card(which is a gt520) and i have a bunch of cables plugged in.. so im asking if a 300w psu should usually have at least 18 or more amps
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  1. Depends, most will, but it is possible for an extremely low quality one to not be able to output that much (not likely, but possible) you need to find the make and model of your psu first.
  2. Well the computer i have is a Dell Inspiron 545 if that helps..
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    You have to look, I know an Antec Basiq 350 has one 13amp and one 10amp 12v line (if I remember correctly) but my Antec Earthwatts 380 has a 15 and 17 I'm pretty sure. You really need to look to see what the ratings are, as different designs can make very different output ratings.
  4. Ok, and is it bad if i still put it in there if i dont have enough amps? i might take the cover off tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Well i can't find anything off hand, but a 300watt power supply should be able to power the card. Perhaps wait for someone to find the actual amperage, but i've given my input
  6. Ok thanks, and when i do take a look, where would i find the wattage and amps info on the psu?
  7. It should say it right on the side or top of the psu, or if you can find a model number, google that model number
  8. very last resort, check the bottom and hidden side as well
  9. ok thanks. will update you tonight(im in the U.S. :P) or tomorrow.
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