I need a good CPU for gaming that i can buy with less than $200 preferably $150

I will have a evga GTX 650 ti boost for my gpu and i was wondering a decent cheap processor that i could use to go along with this gpu. I have no idea where to start with CPU and would love recommendations for a good one.
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  1. Me, I prefer amd and i'm currently running a fx 8350 which is is at roughly 4.0ghz It runs great I belive it was 199 I belive the 8320 is also good but it just runs a tad slower but you could OC it too the 8350 preformance.
  2. Also I would check if your motherboard is Intel or AMD I forgot to say.
  3. i dont have a computer yet im basing my motherboard off of the cpu which both of those are over $200
  4. i need a canadian site
  5. You should of stated 200 Canadian dollars :P. Well my CPU is still in budget and I belive newegg ships Canadian...?
  6. Anonymous said:
    i need a canadian site
    Well, this just so happens to be one.
  7. Thank you ImGeil
  8. Get the i5 2500k. It's a godamn BEAST and it's pretty cheap on ebay. Would recommend an asus p8z68 m pro with it
  9. I would also agree with the FX-8320 or FX-8350 they make great gaming CPU's and more and more games are going to start using them with the Xbox One and PS4 being based off of them.
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    It's quite a stretch to expect that AMD FX CPUs will be better at running future games only because PS4 is using AMD CPUs. The CPU cores inside of PS4 are not even the same micro-architecture, being based on Jaguar cores. For floating point, the AMD FX 8 core CPU has only 4 real floating point units, so effectively it's a 4-core, 8-thread CPU.
  11. Or one that is definitely in your budget is the fx-6350. Its msrp is $139 US but newegg has it on sale all the time for $119 US. I have it on an Asus M5A99 Pro 2.0 mobo and with just tweaking in the bios have it stable at 4.2 using a Evo 212 cpu fan cooler and never getting above 45 degrees C. I got board and cpu for less than 250 and am able to run everything currently out (that I play anyway, WOW, ESO, etc) at ultra settings and still get 80 to 120 fps. Check out the may cpu lineup on tom's and he lists it as a great buy in that price point. Not to mention the mobo is a hell of a lot cheaper than any intel and you have 16x by 2 slot PCI-E option with the AMD without dropping 300 to 400 bucks on just mobo( intel Ivy-E or Sandy). Just my opinion of course and the intel's are great chips but for those of us that cant or dont want to drop 2500 bucks to get a PC that will be usable for the next 3 to 5 years, I think AMD is the way to go right now.
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