Can't remember a PC game I played in 1999, 3D RTS

It was a game like the original warcraft but the camera angle was more like dynasty warriors.
there was no planting or building involved, you have a fixed army.
It was like 'warlocks and raith' race vs caucasian kingdoms in castles. there may have been undead in your army.
there was blood in it.
I remember a raven in the logo but raven software didn't make it.
it reminded me of resident evil meets warcraft.
it could have been made from 1990-1999.
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  1. Could you give more details? Unit names, their respond voices etc?
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    This sounds like the Myth series

    Myth 2
  3. Ah Myth 2, didn't that have a nasty bug which would sometimes delete all the contents of the drive it was installed to upon running the uninstaller?
  4. Oh my, I don't know I only played Myth 1 but that sounds extremely nasty! Heh
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