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Hey everyone I am wondering how to overclock my ram because I have a AMD A-10 5800k. I have a msi a75ma-e35 mobo and G.SKILL RIPJAWS X 8gb 1866mhz I would like to OC this to 2133mhz btw
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  1. OK, try it manually, go into the BIOS, set the freq to 2133, take the base timings of your DRAM and add 1 to each - so if the sticks are 9-10-9-28 set them to 10-11-10-29 or just go 30, ensure CR (command rate/timing is at 2N or 2T, set the DRAM voltage to + 0.05 above spec (i.e. if 1.5 sticks set them to 1.55, and then change CPU/NB voltage to 1.2 and give it a try
  2. ok btw in the bios the ram will read at 2133mhz but when i check task manager it is 1866mhz
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    Try looking in CPU-Z, in the memory tab of CPU-Z, under freq it will read the true freq - if running 2133 will show about 1066
  4. I tryed what u said but I can't change the cpu-nb it only comes up as the numbers 8,9,10 and so on. Also I can change the ram volatage but it comes up as a lot of numbers like tcl, trcd, trp
  5. Also the frequency is 1066.4 but the NB is 1799.6 mhz
  6. You're there, it's DDR (Double data rate) so you take the true freq 1066.4 x 2 = 2132.8 (or 2133) did it! ;) have fun! and may want to close the thread now :)
  7. Alright Thanks!
  8. No worries, glad to help ;) C U Around
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