Black screen after logging in.

I turned off my computer earlier today and at the time there was nothing wrong. Now that I have tried to turn it back on, a few hours later, when I put in my password and try to enter the desktop I just get a black screen. I am still able to see and move my mouse but the remainder of my screen is black. I can even open up the task manager if I hit Clrt-Alt-Delete. I tried starting up my computer with safe mode and it ran normally and I had no issue with a black screen. I also tried to switch to intigrated graphics but encountered the same issue. I'm Assuming this may be a software of driver issue but I'm not sure. Any ideas?

Ps. I'm running windows 7 home edition.
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    You boot your computer in safe mode and run malware / Anti virus scans to check if anythings wrong. If that fails I would suggest you use a system restore and restore your computer from the closest previous date possible.
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