Best bang for the buck NVidia card right now?

Anyone have opinions on what the current best bang for the buck NVidia GPU is on the market right now?

Say, working with around a $700 budget - what would you go with at the end of the day? The 760x2 ASUS MARS ROG? 780 Ti CU II? SLI 690?

If you had $700 to spend, over the next 2 months or so, and you preferred NVidia, what would you be going with?
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  1. The 780 seems better value for what it costs.
  2. At the moment of get the 780ti, but in 2 months the 800 series may be out by then.
  3. I agree with the 780. Unless your running above 1080p
  4. Would you say it's best to wait if I'm going to need to wait about 2-4 months to get a full build going, and get the GPU as one of the last components overall?

    The 800 series won't necessarily be better than a 780 Ti, it will just drop the price of the 780, correct? Or are they going forward with that new Kepler technology that's going to blow everything out of the water?
  5. The GTX 690 can beat the GTX 780 Ti,
    but it costs $1000 :(

    I'd get the GTX 780 Ti.
  6. bignastyid said:
    At the moment of get the 780ti, but in 2 months the 800 series may be out by then.

    There is absolutely no information out on the 800 series. Even if the first 800 cards dropped in 2 months, cards that would compete with the 780ti are 6 months away at least from now. Stop giving advice for people to hold out for the 800 series.
  7. GTX 770 2-way SLI beats the GTX 760 SLI, the latest Mars, the GTX 690 and the GTX 780 Ti, and you can buy the two cards for $350 each.,17.html
  8. Just get your budget figured out while Nvidia preps maxwell and Intel gets their 14nm available. Best 780Ti is the Palit Jetstream along with EVGA DUAL SC w/ACX cooling.
  9. the 780ti is not best bang for the buck. At 1440p it beats the 780 by 10-15 fps usually at a $200+ premium. For $700 a 770 sli is the fastest solution. I don't recommend SLI right off the bat as you are then stuck with it with little upgrade options.
  10. Secondary question here, since gamers are in here.

    My router says it's running in COMPATABILITY MODE 802.11 b/g/n - but under my NVidia Experience panel - it says it's not ready to go with game streaming, listing my router as an 802.11 G and recommending a dual band 802.11 N

    I have Verizon FIOS - and even across the house, wireless connection, I pull some good numbers at Speedtest:

    I'm wondering if I should upgrade my router and bridge it to the current router Verizon has provided - as Verizon's router has a proprietary connection that won't just let me unplug it and use a different router - or if with those speeds I have nothing to worry about. I really don't know a lot about wireless technology and gaming.

    Secondary related to NVidia is the question of their new G-SYNC - do I need a specific monitor for that to come into play, and is upgrading a monitor really worth it to take advantage of G-SYNC, or is it more of a gimmick?

    I guess at the end of the day, since I won't be purchasing all of my computer parts for another 2-4 months to build this rig, I'll save the GPU for last - but it's good to know that the 780 is currently the best bang for the buck, with the 780 Ti being overpriced for the increase, and SLI 770's being a good secondary choice if I take into consideration that upgrading in the future is going to mean having two 770's that are of no use to me.
  11. The router situation I have no idea about. It should be able to run at N protocols. if it is a verizon supplied router I'd call them and talk to them about it. You need a gsync compatible monitor to use it. It is worth it if you have are creating a lot fps than what your monitor refreshes at, otherwise it doesn't matter. It's just vsync without the draw backs.
  12. If you're thinking about buying a GTX 780 Ti now and another later, make sure your MB can do SLI with x8/x8 (avoid the ones with x16/x4), and get a PSU rated 850W or more.

    I looked at your speedtest result, with the 37 Mbps upload speed. I got 0.28 Mbps :( You don't really need an upgrade IMO. Use the money to build a cool PC instead.
  13. well whatever is receiving the wireless signal would need to be as fast as the router.

    Gsync allows the monitor to refresh as fast as the GPU is generating frames. allowing for a much more fluid gameplay. no stutter, tearing and input lag from v-sync. More monitors are being released.
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