Can I SLI GTX 480 with GTX 780 TI?

Hey Guys,

I recently replaced my 2 GTX 480s with a GTX 780ti. I was wondering if I could use 1 (or maybe both?) GTX 480 in SLI with the GTX 780ti as the primary card, and the 480 as a dedicated physX card. I know SLI only runs as fast as the slowest card but if I set it to be used for physX only would i be able to avoid this bottleneck?

Thanks for the input guys.
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  1. Well you can't SLI them, but you can have 2 independent graphics card on the same board, but this usually doesn't bode well for gaming purposes. Video editing and mining run well with 2 independent cards, but not gaming. Plus a 780ti can handle physx no problem, why drop almost $800 on a gpu if you aren't confident in it.
  2. No, not the same GPUs.
  3. you can use one 480 as a dedicated physx card and the 780. running 2 480s plust the 780 wouldnt work and it would make for an insane amount of power requirement, like a 1kw psu to run all that. If i were you id just run the 780 and thats it, unless your finding slowdowns in physx games, then try a 480 as a dedicated physx card, a single 480 is more than enough for dedicated physx.
  4. Well i have the 780ti but right now it is not performing the way i think it should. I have tried everything i can think of to try and get this thing to push out decent frame rates but i got nothing.

    I am running it with a i7-X980 3.33 GHz and from what everyone here has said that processor should be more than enough to handle the card. But I can not get battlefield 4, assassins creed Balck flag, or even Borderlands 2 to run at 1920 X 1080. I am not sure if my components are just old or if i have a bad card but it is super frustrating.

    I even tried a fresh install of windows........ no good.
  5. What is the make/model of your PSU?
  6. PSU is a BFG EX Series 1200 Watt

    model number: BFGR1200WEXPSU
  7. Is there a way, or a piece of software i can use, to test ONLY the GPU to see if it is performing the way it should?
  8. 3dmark, unigene are common benchmark tools. Also passmark.
  9. I tried using Unigine but i was not really sure of the results i was getting.

    so in Unigine Heaven I am getting the following results using the extreme preset at 1920 X 1080 out of the box and not changing any settings:

    FPS - 61.9
    Score - 1558
    Min FPS - 8.6 (This number is not very accurate since i noticed that this seemed to be the first report when a new scene would load)
    MAX FPS - 129.9

    all in all this seemed to run at about 45 FPS under load in the heavy stuff.
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