How do I away black border from my new HD monitor?

I just bought my new ASUS 23" HD vh238h Monitor I noticed my upper right corner has a black border, I've tried the obvious with entering my Nvidia settings by changing the aspect and ratio size and doesn't work. Any ideas? Oh also my monitor settings has a aspect size settings as we'll but unable to change or enter it don't know why, I'm currently using my DVI D cable until my HDMI cable comes in the mail.
My specs:
ASUS z77a mobo
Intel i5 3450
Gtx 760 GPU
ASUS 23" vh238h HD
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    Is that issue there when you enter BIOS too? Or just when in Windows?
  2. Yes I just checked the black border around the edges of my monitor is still there in bios menu & windows
  3. I've never seen a "border" they way you describe it. Only in one corner. Usually it is on the sides and/or the top and bottom. But what you are describing sounds more like a monitor issue. Try it with the card removed and the monitor connected to the integrated video. See if the issue is still present.
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