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My 2TB Western Digital External Harddrive fell and it doesn't boot up any more when I plug it in

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January 23, 2014 6:03:01 PM

The problem sounds mechanical in nature: It tries to wind up but fails almost immediately. I was wondering if opening it up and perhaps adjusting any bent-out-of-shape mechanical components accordingly might solve the problem. Also, does modification to any mechanical parts necessitate formatting afterwards? If I were to send it off to be repaired, would the installation of a new mechanical part require the repairmen to format the drive?

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a c 1306 G Storage
January 23, 2014 6:58:52 PM

just opening the unit necessitates replacing it unless you happen to have a clean room. ie - a completed dust & particle free room. a dust particle to a hard drive head is like a boulder to a jeep. the jeep can go swerve around it, the head cant.

sending out for repair would cost more than just buying a new drive.

edit - if you are hoping to recover the data on the drive you have two options.
1: send it out for repair/recovery. it will be expensive (typically more than $400 us dollars)
2: buy another drive, open this one up and hope you see something obvious and easy to fix which should give you enough time to recover your data to the other new drive you have.

one user had been in a similar situation and found that one of the heads had bounced to the wrong side of a stopper and couldn't move. He was able to recover his data after freeing the head.

now for the bad part. You get the 'important data should never be stored on just 1 device' speech. Well - there it was, hope it saves you grief in the future. loL
January 23, 2014 7:17:35 PM

popatim said:
sending out for repair would cost more than just buying a new drive.

Do repairs cost more the larger the amount of data to be recovered? Or does the expensive price have more to do with the time consuming and meticulous labour, as well as the occasionally difficult search for the appropriate replacement parts?

I live in Ireland, and there's a service I found that charges 550+ for advanced recoveries (usually mechanical in nature). Would the fact that I'm trying to recover around 1.80TB of data bump the price up much? If so, I can imagine it being somewhere in the realm of a grand, in which case I'll just get a new external.

Most of the stuff that was on it I have inventoried and so I could download it all again, and my music is completely backed up, but it'd just be time consuming. It's frustrating because I did actually intend to buy a second drive - this isn't the first time an external has failed on me, I'd actually already learned my lesson! But, accidents happen, and one such accident happened before I had a chance to get a second drive.