Looking for cheap 27 inch gaming monitor(some FPS) in the $200-$250 range. Im lost on all the new types.

Tried doing my research and im having a hard time deciding what to get, read alot of reviews and just dont understand some of the new tech and after 3-4 hours of browsing im looking for help, keep in mind im on an old 22 inch westinghouse monitor that has to be close to 10 years old, so probably anything will look better, im just concerned about excessive ghosting.
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    can't go wrong with an Asus IPS panel, I have both an old TN panel (which is what yours is most likely) and a new HP 27 inch IPS and let me tell you the difference is pretty extraordinary, colors are amazing on these IPS monitors.

    Look for good brands in monitors like Asus and Viewsonic, they make some amazing panels. Other quality brands include Dell, HP, and Acer
  2. I bought a "Catleap" 2560x1440 monitor from newegg, and I am VERY happy with it. No dead pixels, no light bleed on the edges. It looks so much brighter then my 1080I Samsung 27" and 22" Samsung.

    I know people worry about name brands, and I agree with the "You get what you pay for." But I am so glad I did this purchase. I should have bought 2 at the time, because now they have a newer model, and the base and everything looks different, but..... I still may end up buying 1... or 2 more.
  3. Do the IPS panels have much ghosting?
  4. I've played BF3 on this monitor and haven't seen any. I MAINLY play GW2 on it, but haven't seen anything.
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    IPS panels do not have ghosting, not to my knowledge at least, but it's more important to look at latency and refresh rate for those, the lower the latency and higher the refresh rate the less ghosting you'll get.

    Any standard 60Hz with 5 or less ms latency should be fine imo
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