Is an Intel dual core 2.4ghz faster than a pentium 4: 3.2ghz?

My computer broke and I just want a simple machine. Bought an old dell at the university surplus store. Faster processor... my old hard drive and software (with drivers updated) but a lot slower. Is it actually slower or do I have other problems?
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  1. I found the answer. I didn't realize that for multi core processors the speed was for each core. So my 2.4 was actually kind of a 4.8... sort of. And probably should be faster.
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    It does not run as a 4.8 gig CPU, that is not how you measure the dual-core speeds. I suggest you do a clean setup on Windows if you want it to run faster. Also make sure you have enough RAM in the system, 4 gig would be great but 2 at least.
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