no sound on lenovo y560 after installing windows 7 64bit from ear jacks and on board but all is installed and have the updated

i have installed a fresh copy of windows 7 on my lenovo y560 replaced the hard drive and now i have no sound from ear jack or onboard speakers have all hardware installed and up dates.sound icon has no red X all volumes are at 100% please help
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  1. Did you install the motherboard drivers after you installed Windows 7? If not, you can try the Lenovo site - and look for the audio drivers there.
  2. i have installed the update drivers from the lenovo web site and all seems to be functioning normal but i have got nothing from ear jack or onboard
  3. Go to Device Manager* and see what you have showing under Sound, video and game controllers. Is there an exclamation point beside anything under the devices listed?

    *Start>Control Panel>System>Device Manager>Sound, video and game controllers
  4. has realtek high definition audio and ATI HDMI Audio no exclermation mark says running properly
  5. I have just connected the HDMI lead to the tv have it on screen when i go to the sound icon the green bar is going up with the sound but nothing again is coming out not even the hdmi is putting it out tv sound is at 85% 100% on the laptop??
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