Computer constantly freezing?

Ok... USUALLY when I am playing high processor usage games such as Rust, sometimes my screen just freezes. I can still see what was on my screen before the freeze, but I can't do anything. I checked the motherboard and it still seems to be on. Same goes with everything else. I did recently replace my PSU and ram sticks, and I did buy a dedicated gpu because I was using my onboard gpu before. I'm kinda considering it to be an overheating problem with the CPU because hwmonitor says my peak is 65C. But it is usually 63C when I am playing Rust.

Specs: (I'm on my phone so I'm not sure what exactly everything is)

Windows 7 64 bit
PSU: Evga 600B 600W
Motherboard: Asus M4A88T-M
Ram: PNY Optima 2x 4gb 1333gz (when I had my old ram,which was the gskillz ripjaws series it was still freezing so I doubt this is the culprit)
GPU: Evga GTX 650 Ti 2gb SC
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 BE
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    The problem is in fact your CPU overheating. The Phenom II X4 BE (Assuming it's 965) has a max temp of 65c and if it reaches that temp or comes close to it the motherboard automatically shuts down the CPU to prevent it from frying. Since your CPU can't take any draw calls etc you're just left with the frame before the freeze, I suggest investing some money into a better cooler
  2. Wow thanks, that's probably it. Sorry I forgot to add the 965 part. Thanks!
  3. hmm i have the same issue but my cpu is really cooled too. its like at 40c at max or 50 c sometimes.
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