Looking for a gaming laptop $1000 to $1300.

Im looking to purchase a laptop capable of playing current and next gen games,
i7 4th gen, Minimum 8gb Ram, minimum 2 gb graphics, minimum 1TB Hard and HD display
Preferably a laptop with specs close to these.
Im thinking of the ASUS N550jv - cn256h (Model in the UAE), or the Lenovo Y510P.
(The lenovo doesn't come with the dual graphics option, and i dont have any means to purchase the ultra bay graphics slot from outside).
If there aren't any other choices that anyone can suggest, which of these two is the better one,
Personally the asus is more pleasing because of its build quality and 4gb graphics.
So what i want to know is if the ASUS is the right way to go in-terms of gaming and multimedia.
Another major point is cooling, my previous pc was a HP DV6, it got very very hot, i need a PC that has a somewhat better cooling system.
Thank you in advance, please help me look in the right direction.
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  1. What's the graphic card's model? Sometimes companies pull a dirty trick like giving a 2gb card 4gb of memory.
  2. Its a nvidia geforce gt 750m 4GB
    And thank you for the respond :P
  3. LummusMaximus said:
    What's the graphic card's model? Sometimes companies pull a dirty trick like giving a 2gb card 4gb of memory.

    nvidia geforce gt 750m 4GB
  4. Then its ddr3, quite lot worse than the ddr5 version
  5. Oh and by the way does anyone know whats the difference between the Q series and the N series ???
  6. The 750M is supposed to be a 2GB card, but can support 4GB, however i think it's silly and cheating.

    Difference between Q and N series whats? I assume you're talking about processors.

    Could you be referring to the 'U' series processors? In which case, Q vs U, Q wins out- U series is an ultra-low voltage CPU designed to generate minimal heat and maximum battery life, and are generally dual-core. The Q series CPU are full (for a laptop) quad core beasts that will easily outperform the U. The GPU in the Lenovo is either an equal 750M or a superior 755M. So, the Lenovo outperforms the ASUS.
  7. Gigabyte P2742G-CF1 17.3-Inch Laptop

    I'm in a similar situation to Imal92 here, and the above system is the one I'm considering... I'm curious what others here think of my own choice...

    Thanks for the input!
  8. Well what I meant by the series is the one by Asus,,,like the laptop I mentioned above is the N series N550jv,, but I recently found out there is a Q550LF or something so I was just wondering what is what they have almost the same specs....
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