Pc lagging with system intensive games

I have had this problem for a while and I thought it was just for bf3, but then I played Planetside 2 and I got the same thing. Every few minutes or so I will get these random lag spikes that last for about 1-3 seconds only for Graphic intensive games because I play a lot of Tf2, Counter strike ect. and I don't know what is causing this, If anyone have any solutions to this fix I would be more than happy.

Specs -
CPU - AMD FX 4300 quad core
OS - Windows 8.1 x64
Mother Board - MSI MS-7641
Monitor - AOC E2260Sw
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  1. how much ram do you have?
  2. Knew I forgot something *Sigh*, I have 8Gb's.
  3. What are your temps on your CPU and GPU... are you overclocked on your CPU and GPU? Also what RAM do you have???? Power supply?
  4. My gpu temperature is about 44c and my cpu is as well 44c, and I so not think I have overclocked my cpu and gpu and I am unsure on what my power supply is
  5. Sounds like a possible problem from an overclock, also could be your power supply. Try having control panel open while playing and check the usage whenever a lag-spike occurs, if it's legitimately spiking in usage and lagging, it could be a software issue, otherwise it's probably hardware related.
  6. Like I stated when a lag spike occurs it goes from 3.9 - 1.5 Ghz then shoots back up again
  7. slippers21 said:
    Like I stated when a lag spike occurs it goes from 3.9 - 1.5 Ghz then shoots back up again

    Huh... As far as I can tell it seems like something is randomly throttling your CPU. I'm afraid I'm all out of ideas, hopefully someone else knows an answer.
  8. I am hoping
  9. Have you tried flashing the motherboard bios to the latest version?
  10. Nope? Wouldn't have a clue how to do that
  11. Best answer
    It seems that your having a core parking problem... or you have

    Tip #1. CPU Power Saving Throttling (Bios related)

    AMD Turbo Core Technology
    APM (Application Power Management) *disabling the AMD Turbo Core Technology via AMD OverDrive utility will also disable APM)*
    Cool ‘n’ Quiet *I actually keep this enabled so I don't waste power since high clocks aren't needed under low loads*
    CPU Thermal Throttle *be careful keep an eye on your temps, especially core temps, leave this enabled if your not the cautious type* (FX-8120 < 61C, FX-8150 <61C, FX-6100 <70C, FX 4100 <71C)
    Core C6 State
    Enhanced Halt State
    Any other Power Saving Features in your bios, usually under CPU Advanced, Google them first.

    Load Line Calibration, play with this setting until you get stable voltages under load, remeber every bios is different, some might even be better with it disabled, but most best enabled and manually set.

    *Ensure that CPU NB, Memory or HT Link values are running at default stable values.*
    *CPU / Chasis Fan Control (set to full speed for best cooling, if too loud play with the manual speeds.)

    Tip #2. CPU Load Throttling (Bios problem)
    Get AMD Overdrive and Open and Enable Turbo Core Control then Push OK then Open and Disable Turbo Core Control then push OK then exit AMD Overdrive.

    Now test see if it still throttles. If this works then is most likely a bios issue, and you'll have to do this each time you restart. If it doesn't work then possibly from temps.

    Known Motherboards with this problem
    ASRock 880G Pro3 Bios 1.40

    Known Fixed Motherboards & Bios Versions
    Coming soon.....

    Tip#3. CPU Temp Throttling (CPU/Mosfet / Board)
    Get High End Heatsinks/Cooling for your CPU and your Mosfets.

    Heatsink/Cooling Review Websites,44.html

    Heatsinks/Cooling Shopping Websites
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