After building then what?

so you know those disc's you get with a motherboard/ video card those are the driver's right? so i don't need to go download them??

what about this bios update i keep hearing is it necessary ?

mobo - Asus Z87-A

i am a first time builder, i know the how to assemble the Pc.
though when it comes downloading/ updating drivers i don't know what updates to download first. to me it is build the pc install the os then install the motherboards driver cd? after that install the video card's driver cd after that perform windows update..

( doesn't windows update search for all driver update so you
don't have to do it?

should that cut the cheese? so i can then get into customization & gaming?
i know i won't rush the updating & stuff i know that :)

I'm building sometime in February just asking ahead of time to speed up process.
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  1. Generally speaking, the drivers included on the CDs that come with the motherboard/graphics card are outdated. You should probably download the latest drivers you need to a flash drive or burn them to a CD before you start your new system build.

    A BIOS update should only be performed if you are experiencing an issue that an update resolves. Otherwise, leave it alone.

    Windows Update only installs those drivers which have passed Windows certification. You're better off just updating drivers as you deem it necessary.

    So basically:
    1) Download latest drivers
    2) Build system
    3) Install OS
    4) Install latest drivers
    5) Run Windows Update
    6) Begin customization.

    -Wolf sends
  2. first of all the driver dvds comes with mobo and gpu are setups you don't need to download them, the bios update would come necessary when you are going to overclock your cpu,

    secondly for driver update from time to time go and check the official site, the driver itself it will tell you about any updates.

    third about windows notice i think windows 8 has this future

    that is all, i hope that would help !!
  3. 1. Build computer
    3. Install OS
    4. Eat lunch, preferably BBQ chicken
    5. Manually download drivers from the motherboard's website, according to OS
    6. Play some games for a couple days, then overclock

    I disable Windows update on 7, because one of the updates crashed my SSD.
  4. Best answer
    First install OS - Fully Update
    Second - Check your motherboard maker (in you case motherboard ASUS )and check for BIOS or Necessary updates.
    Third . Again the same with your VGS (Nvidia - ATI - Gainward etc.) check for new drivers and bios and FOLLOW the instructions . If you are not familiar with bios flashing skip it for later or let someone that knows.

    Have fun with your build.
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