Windows 7 install with UEFI boot or stay with normal (legacy) ?

Hi guys, wassup? Im from Europe sorry for bad English... Anyway I install couple of days windows 7 with normal boot (legacy) But i found on the internet that windows 7 also support Uefi boot like Windows 8. So my question that is worth to format the SSD and install windows 7 with UEFI boot. It will be quicker or just to stay with normal boot? I didnt find any results on the internet, so maybe people on this forum install windows 7 with legacy boot and later on with Uefi boot and did find a better performance? Tnx guys.. :D

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  1. Does your motherboard run a UEFI BIOS?
  2. The only real difference is 3TB+ support for hard drives, except of that there is no difference in what kind of boot is used during windows installation. So for your case its pointless to make any changes.
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    Some graphics card manufacturers such as Sapphire claim that the UEFI bios has faster start up and resume times
  4. About a week a go. I install windows 8.1 first with legacy boot and other time with uefi boot. And the diffrence is huge 2-3 quicker boot.. So i dont know about windows 7 I mean legacy boot vs uefi boot. :(
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