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hey, hello to all members. I have got a problem in my pc, my pc turns off automatically at random, it doesnt matter what am I doing. I have even reinstalled windows and checked the SMPS. It isn't a heat issue as my pc works without turning off in safe mode. IF anyone could help me please, Thanks in advance...:)
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  1. What is your power supply?
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    It can still be a heat issue, because your PC will consume much more power and generate more heat when running games or other CPU- or 3D-intensive applications than on idle desktop. There is not much you can do in safe mode, so I assume you are not running it as hard as you do in regular operation.

    Your problem can be caused by an overheating CPU, but also by a weak or faulty PSU. The obvious thing to start looking at are the Windows system and application logs for any entries accompanying the shutdowns.
  3. Power supply, too much heat, motherboard, even some RAM issues can cause a sudden shut down.

    Did you try simply re-installing Windows since you said it works fine in Safe Mode? Although safe mode does not load much to stress the system, especially on the video card side. Maybe there is a driver issue which a clean setup should fix, if it's not an issue with the hardware.
  4. check your tower the oscillation of your fans or gpu could be causing a vibration on your power switch/cable and it just loses connection sometimes. i had this happen with a Pc I mailed home after Leaving to Iraq.
  5. What is the make/model of PSU ? If reinstall of OS doesn't solve the problem then it could be hardware issue.

    BTW what are the temps ? and what is the system specs ?
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