since getting a new motherboard ive had worse FPS in BF3? FPS drops of mid 40s on my 660 ti??

i used to get FPS never below 54 on ultra in bf3, now i have bought a h77n wifi ITX board and a new case and im getting fps drops and slight lag randomly FPS into mid 40s. this even happens when i crank the settings down. my CPU is i7 2600, ram is transend 1600mhz but clocked at 1333 for some reason. anyone know what might make it how it used to play?
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    Your CPU only supports ram up to 1333.
    I don't know if that is the primary cause though, and I doubt it, since it sounds like you werent having problems before.
    What GPU do you have?
    Might want to try updating the bios:
    And checking to see if your ram is on the memory support list:
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