24" Monitor for both PS3 and PC gaming/usage

Hi, looking for a new hdmi compatible monitor as said in the title.

I sit around 2 feet from the screen and I heard 24 inches is the sweet spot for gaming, I don't play many FPS games. Outside of gaming I watch a lot of movies, I do some university work with VMware workstation and just general internet browsing.

I don't really know of details to include for my ps3 usage, It's going to be predominantly PC but I will be playing FFX HD when it's out.

Budget is maximum £150.

Appreciate any help, thanks.
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  1. you might find a small TV that has hdmi, vga, rgb and maybe dvi connections, it would allow you to use it in any application. I currently use a 32in TV on my pc, it has all the above and also supports 3D games too.
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