NEED A GAMING GPU under 200mm in length

Im building an all purpose computer right now and im looking for a short gpu that will last me awile in gaming at 1980x1080 resolution with the option of going multi monitor the case is small and wont allow for anything bigger.
Budget isint a problem (BUT KEEP IT REASONABLE im not looking to spend a fortune on a gpu) but i would like a list of gpus that can handle playing games like farcry 3 crysis3 skyrim assassins creed 4 elderscrolls online guildwars 2 borderlands2 tombraider call of duty ghosts, battlefeild 4 etc you get the picture i play and stream a lot of games BUT PLZ HAVE THEM MEET THE AT OR BELOW 200MM in length REQUIREMENT.
I live in ohio and i have access to a microcenter if that helps.

My system is as follows
intel i7 4770k
msi z87i motherboard
nocturna low profile cooler
lan li pcq30x case
16 gb of crucial balistix ram
1tb hitachi 2.5inch 7200 rpm drive
250gb samsung evo ssd drive
450w silverstone psu (im ordering a 600w athena sfx psu thats 80 plus bronze here in a week)
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    So you need a gpu under 8in. in length.

    Check this MSI 760 out
  2. ^+1 any of those short 760s is pretty much the only decent option (there are long ones as well so avoid them), MSI Gaming series is usually quite nice too...

    edit another short one: ASUS GeForce® GTX 760 DC Mini
  3. marc79 said:
    So you need a gpu under 8in. in length.

    Check this MSI 760 out

    ooohhh sexy i like it alot
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