Powerline Router/AccessPoint conflict with the primary DSL modem/router

I needed to route network/internet connection from the main area with Actiontek DSL modem/router and main PC1 to a secondary area in a distant area of the home to hook up 2 PCs as well as for WiFi. To do so, I have a simple powerline wired adapter that accepts ethernet from the primary modem/router and puts it on the powerline. At the distant end, I hooked up a DLINK DHP-1320 powerline router/access point. It has a switch to choose either router or AP mode. Both modes cause problems, but AP is the one I am using right now.

The main Actiontek modem is normally accessed by
In trying to eliminate conflict, I manually set the DLINK AP config to have IP (previously I also tried, same issue). DHCP is supposedly disabled.

The problem is that when I boot up PC1, its initial connection is always to the powerline router. I cannot reach the internet, and when I go to either or, each of them brings up DLINK's management. I find it odd that both of those go to the same place (I expected only the 1.1 to bring up anything).

I also tried to set PC 1 IP4 to be static, but doesn't help.

The only workaround I've found is to unplug the ethernet cable between DSL modem and PC 1, then plug it back in. It takes around 5 min to eventually switch from the DLINK to Actiontek and then I have internet.

BTW the DLINK router works fine with PC 2 and 3 without interruptions. I also find it odd that when PC 1 is initially connected to DLINK, there is no internet (while PC 2 and PC 3, connected directly to DLINK do have internet).

One more strange thing: If I log into PC 2 or PC 3, then goes straight to Actiontek management. doesn't go anywhere at all. However, PC 2 and 3 are 24/7 machines that I don't reboot, so it might be possible that they are just "stable" now that they've been on for days.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
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    Your setup is a hybrid of an AP and a subnet, which won't work. For a single network you should use a single network address, for an isolated subnet the AP should be setup as a router on with a WAN address of the primary router address and a WAN connection.

    If you want the AP on the same network as the main router, in the AP use AP mode that disables DHCP, give the AP a static address of (and in the Actiontec make that address unavailable for the network DHCP and if available use the setting to make that AP address a static Actiontec address), and connect the Actiontec to the AP LAN to LAN port.

    All computers should either use an automatic IP address, which the Actiontec will provide or if set as static will use as the gateway address and DNS.
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