i7 4770k future proof?

Is the i7 4770k good enough to play the most demanding games, maxed out settings, above 60fps for the next 4 years? I plan on water cooling and overclock it to the max.
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  1. Yes. But that also depends on the graphics card. There's no reason to have an i7 if you are only going to have a $100 GPU.
  2. Future-"proof" is a myth; there's no such thing, and four years is a long time. That said, an i7-4770K is probably about as future-"resistant" as you're going to get. I'm sure it will be viable for far longer than four years.
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    we havent seen any major performance-increase in the newer desktop generations.
    With this said, we could be looking at a longer period of time without the "need" to upgrade.
    But as always this is only guessing.
  4. Ok ok, thanks a lot guys
  5. To paraphrase a comment mentioned several times by people in the IT world:

    As soon as a product is released for sale it is already obsolete, because the next generation product will be released in the following year.

    Having said the above, I am still using the Core 2 Quad Q9450 released back in Q1 2008 because it still provides sufficient performance at this moment in time. By April 2014 it will be 6 years old.
  6. i7 4770k is a great processor. Having fun with mine paired with an R9 290 tri-x. It´s safe to say this setup wont have a problem in the next 3-4 years.
  7. Like the first comment said nothing is really future proof but the i7 4770k is the closest you are going to get for right now but soon they will be releasing DDR4 memory and quad channel memory will become a standard. As long as AMD is still making low end CPUs Intel will not need to put forth the effort of doing any major improvements on their processors.
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