Is this setup good,compatible and can the psu handle the setup on OC?

BTW im just a kid so currently im noob on this.

Processor - FX8350
MOBO - Asus 5900
RAM - Kingston HyperXBeast 8GB Dual (2400MHz)
GPU - Palit Jetstream GTX 770 2gb
PSU - Corsair CX750 750W
Chassis - Cooler Master K350

Q:Can this parts fit in this Chassis?

Q:Can the PSU run smooth when overclocking?

Q:Is there other GPU that can do better than Palit Jetstream GTX 770 2gb because Palit GTX 770 is pricey, BTW
Cheaper GPUS that can do better than Palit GTX 770? If theres one lol

Q: Is this setup gonna last long for gaming because other games requires good rigs nowadays.

Q: Are the parts compatible?

BTW im from Philippines so the price are different.
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    It will fit on that case but better to have a Water cooler or after market air cooling before overclocking.
    750W PSU is more than enough for overclocking with a GPU.

    Good Luck.
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