Fastest card I can get to work with G31M PCie 1.1

Hi guys,
I am still using my trusty and crusty GigaByte G31M-ES2L motherboard with an E8500 CPU and a BFG 9800GT graphics card. I have been thinking of upgrading the card to give my system some more life and was going to go for a Radeon 7xxx card or a GeForce 650 Ti. However, I have read that the Radeon is incompatible with my ol' PCIe 1.1 motherboard. Could anyone tell me the best a fastest card I can still buy that will work with my machine, or am I doomed to have to save up and buy an entire new system?
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  1. For information, I have a modern 550W PSU, and have already searched online and on manufacturer sites to see what I can do. I am mightily confused!

    I gather from reading the forums here that 2.0 cards are compatible with 1.1 motherboards. Does this then universally exclude 2.1 cards? If so, I think I am going to have to go for a Radeon 6670 or GeForce GT640. Is this correct?
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