will ati radeon 6670 hd 2 gb ddr3 work wid my psu nd motherboard

i want to buy a new gfx ati
radeon 6670 hd 2 gb ddr3, but I'm confused
is it compatible with my power suppy nd psu tech com
4501-450watts nd motherboard intel dh55tc
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  1. Your PSU sounds like a cheap generic, however even if it is only good for half its label it should be enough.
    If at all possible, get a GDDR5 version of the card. It need not have 2GB. For not much more money, a HD7750 (also a GDDR5 version) will also run on your PSU, and is a much stronger card. If this is for movies and video, not games, a HD6450 is cheaper and will suffice.
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    Yes, Mostly everything will work fine. I've checked everything necessary about Raedeon HD 6670 and Intel DH55CT throughout the web. Make your purchase easy.

    Additional Specs - This GPU requires PSU of at least 400 Watts. And a PCI-E x16 2.1 Lane Slot Where your mobo's is 2.0
    It will work fine. Also make sure you have decent cabinet airflow.
  3. thnxx a lot onus nd achint2000
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