DVD-ROM wont open/stay shut


I got a dvd drive that wont open.
So i took it apart off course!

After cleaning and reseating still the same.
Then i took it apart and hooked it up.
Took off outer metal shell.

This time it wont stay shut.
It just opens and closes 3 times before staying open!

Anyone has a good tip?
I read some stuff about maybe the magnet wont let laser drop or something.
How to fix that? Real cheap and fastxD

Ty for helping!
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    Well the easy fix would be to spend the $15-20 to get a new one and put it in!
  2. Ohw sorry for very late reactionxD
    Thats what is gonna happen indeed!
    Was for someone else, tried different things but they where planning on buying new one already.

    Only i dont work that way xD
    I wanna open thing up xD
    Hungry for knowledge!

    But ty anyways!
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