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Are there other motherboards available that will work with a dell 9200? Mine is outdated and needs to be replaced. I would hope to replace the motherboard if something else will fit.
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  1. Dimension or Inspiron?

    Dell tends to customize the motherboards and cases that are used in their computers, making it hard to replace the motherboard with anything than a replacement of the same model. If it is an Inspiron you are trying to upgrade, that's a laptop, which is even worse when it comes to upgrading, since very few parts are standardized.

  2. No, this is a 9200 desktop tower machine.
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    So, a Dimension, then.

    You still have the problem of the case not taking standard ATX motherboards. However, you may be able to use parts from an XPS 410, since they were related to each other. Some XPS 410s were even sold as Dimension 9200s.

  4. Unless they have a bios update that will allow me to install a 3TB HD, that won't cure my problem. Sorry, should have stated this to begin.

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