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GPU stuck at full clock speed 760GTX

Hi guys, i have noticed my GPU been stuck at full clock speed now for a few days, It seems to be ok on pc start up but once i finish playing a game the clock stays at 1071 constant. I use evga precision x, the card is EVGA GTX 760 Superclock.
I'm not sure when this happened as i don't check precision x out every day.
It is probably a week or 2 since i last opened it.
It there anyone out there having the same problems?
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    bot into safe mode and remove the nvidia drivers...reboot then reinstall them. see if the error stops. in the nvidia control panel is power savings settings for the nvidia gpus. when you reinstall check that it set to standard and not performance. performance wont let the card clock down.
  2. I tried uninstall then reinstall my drivers with no avail. I also went into nvidia control panel and power management mode is set to adaptive, the only other option is performance. Looking at it now, my clock is still at 1071mhz,
    Luckly my computer cooling is good and the card is only at 44c but it should beat about 25 when gpu is idle.
  3. Clock is now running full speed from machine start up to shut down. :(
  4. I had the same problem. Check if you have ShadowPlay on in GeForce Experience (button in top right hand corner). When you click the button a window will appear. If the switch is on you should turn it off. The temps and clock speeds dropped to normal again for me.

    Hope this helps
  5. For a second time i uninstalled all nvidia drivers and precision x. Then installed the files again and everything is working as normal now.
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