Asus Laptop Wiped Need Help

Hey everyone I have a Asus K55A laptop and recently I wiped everything on it and when it was redownloading the files my computer randomly restarted itself and now when I boot up it asks for a disk. When I got my computer it did not come with a disk. I really need some help I need this computer bad any help is appreciated :)

Also my computer came with a Windows 7 Product Key I don't know if that helps in anyway
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    You can download the same Windows 7 version as that your key is for from HERE, burn it to a DVD, then boot from it and do a clean install -- boot from the installer disk and select custom install, and start by deleting all existing partitions and then installing to the single unpartitioned space.

    After you do all the driver installations and Windows updates, activate with your existing key.
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