[Build Help] Can I Migrate Unformatted HDD (with Data) to New Mobo with a Different SSD Boot Drive?

I've purchased a mobo and SSD - among other parts - for a new build, but plan to migrate my two 500gb and 1tb hdd into the new computer for basic storage. My new boot drive will be the SSD designated in bios. My old OS boot drive is the 500gb hdd, it's partitioned into 100gb and 400gb, with the OS on the 100gb one.

My question: Will I have any issues if I simply install the two old hdd in the new mobo without formatting them? (besides reduced storage from the old OS partition) Again, I will designate the SSD as my new boot drive in the bios.

I'm hoping there is a way to simply plug and play with all my Steam games still installed on the old drives. Thank you for any help or insight you can provide!
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    For Steam, install the client with the new OS on the SSD.
    Go into settings, and point it at the Steamapps folder on the old HDD.

    Some games may work, some may not. You just have to try and see.
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