is there some sort of software box that i can hook up 4 HDTV's up to and have one central computer ?

My boss and I want to hook up 4 HDTV's to one central computer and were looking for solutions. we were hoping to get a software box that we could just plug into the computer and then all the TV's would just plug into it.

If you have another solution by all means we need all the help we can get

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  1. Well basically you are looking for something like this: 3x8 HDMI Switch Splitter

    This may of course be too much for you, but the basic concept is there. And it is not horribly pricy.

    You might however be able to drive 4HDTV's directly through modern graphics cards as well, but the box is probably a better solution, giving you some room to expand to in case that is needed.
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