External CD/DVD drive suddenly can only read DVDs, not CDs

I have a pioneer DVR-X122 external drive which has worked fine for years and has been able to read (and write) CD's and DVD's in all standard formats. Suddenly it no longer reads CDs...only DVDs. Since it can read those, the "reader" clearly works. What could have changed, any suggestions? I went to Pioneer and got the latest driver and firmware and updated that, no change. When it cannot read a CD it thinks the disc is not there, gives the "please insert a disc" message. After I updated the optical drive's driver and firmware, when I opened iTunes, iTunes put out a warning that its drivers to burn CDs or DVDs were missing and I needed to reinstall iTunes. I did that, but the warning stayed the same, so I manually added one "UpperFilters" key as instructed in an article about that warning on Apple's website. That took care of the iTunes problem, but did not affect the failure of my drive to read CD's. I am running Windows 7. Suggestions welcome, thanks!
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  1. I have figured out a solution for the reverse of this problem, my DVD/CD drive could only read CDs and not DVDs, but this might fix your problem as well.

    I was using Media Player and used the Codek for Media Player, checked the drivers etc. and went around in circles trying to get Media Player to work.

    The next day I tried downloading the Codek pack for VLC player instead (delete the Codek pack for Media player first) and voila! VLC player works. Give that a go.
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