IPS Monitor - Asus VN248H-P vs VS239H-P (which is newer/better?)

I'm looking for an IPS monitor <$200 for photo editing.

Looking at 2 different Asus models but I can't work out which is better/newer. I think the VN-248H-P is the newer model but somehow it doesn't show up on Asus' site when filtering by IPS monitors. I does come up in a manual search.

The specs seem almost identical, with the VN248-H-P having 80m:1 contrast ration over 50m:1 on the VS239H-P.


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  1. The VN248H has a slightly bigger screen (by 0.8 inches) while the VS239H has a DVI port that the other does not. So, if you use DVI, I would go with the 239, otherwise I would go with the 248.
  2. I meant to also ask. The 248 I think has one of these newer (better?) AH-IPS panels. Is this legit?

    I'll probably be connecting by HDMI as I currently use DVI and DP outputs for other monitors (and I only have I graphics card). There's no advantage with DVI at 60Hz, right? No color difference?
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    There shouldn't be a difference in color, no. I don't know about the panels... But if I were you, I'd go with the 248.
  4. Ok. And do you know the answer to my question about HDMI vs DVI connection?

  5. Here is information I found.

    DVI also has HDCP so that difference is not a difference at all. Older DVI products DID lack it, but all new(even back in 2007 and earlier) stuff has it.

    HDMI was released and based entirely on the DVI single link connection(good enough for 1080p video). They simply made a smaller connector and added digital audio into the mix.

    Future versions of HDMI have added extras like network as well. HDMI should still be backward compatible with DVI(but without audio)

    For picture quality, they will look exactly the same on you monitor or TV. And with Display Port getting popularity(no fees), HDMI may be replaced soon anyway.
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