PC Turns on, M_BIOS Led lights on. PC shuts off and restarts (infinite loop)

Hi, and thanks for reading.
I am assembling the following machine:

-Gigabyte Z87x-OC FORCE motherboard
-MSI Geforce 770 Twin Frozr
- Seasonic S12G 650w
-Corsair Vengeance DDR-1600 32gb
- Intel 4770K
-Samsung 256gb ssd
-2x tb HDD's I will add later

I have put this machine together, (with the stock cooler for now). However, when I turn it on, nothing happens except for all the fans to start spinning, and the M-BIOS LED to go orange.

It stays on for about 10-15 seconds, then turns off. It turns on automatically again after 1-3 seconds and does the same thing... It bother me that I cannot even get as far as the bios screen.

The motherboard has alot of on-board buttons and functions: I hope I am missing something here. Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi, Is the 8 pin power cable connected?
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    That is alot of memory. 32gb You say? Check the following

    #1 that your Stock Cooler is set on the CPU properly
    #2 test each of your memory modules

    Let me know the results of that.
  3. Hey,

    the 8-Pin power connector is connected to the motherboard, together with the 4-pin connector that goes next to it

    Correct me if I am wrong, but setting the stock intel cooler onto a CPU is nothing more than putting the 4 ends into the holes so that they fit properly, and then turn the black pins in the direction of the arrow, right?

    Do I need another pc to test these RAM modules? Or should I try them one by one on this build?
  4. Hey guys.

    I removed 3 of the RAM sticks, and it went straight to the bios after turning it on!
    I remembered it could be the clock speed settings thanks to you Tachybana, so I changed them to 1600MHZ.
    After changing these settings, It would work correctly with all four stick in there.

    Thanks alot!
  5. Anytime. Enjoy!
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