WIndows 7 are not utilizing all available memory

Hello to everyone, and thanks for your time reading this thread. :)

I recently updated my desktop PC with the items you see in the configuration. The system is completely functional, but mostly I use my computer for gaming, so I need all available memory.

The problem
Despite that I use a Windows 7 64 bit OS, and recognizes all the installed memory, It doesn't use all available RAM.

-To be more specific:
When I see my system properties (Computer->right-click->Properties) it recognizes 6GB of the RAM that I have installed, but it says only 3.95 are usable.

I searched the threads are in the same category with mine, though I didn't find any solution to my problem.

Below I give you my system info:

Motherboard: GA-990XA-UD3(rev. 3.0)
VGA: Asus GT 640 2GB
CPU Brand: AMD FX-4130 3.8Ghz quad-core processor
Operation System: Win 7 64-bit SP 1
Power Supply : 450 W

Is there any way, I can utilize memory to its full power?

Again thanks for your time :)

For anyone who asks:
- The msconfig solution didn't work, sadly :(.
- I checked my BIOS, and reports 6000 MB of memory .
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  1. i think the problem is that 3rd stick of ram. something to do with dual channel mode or something

    i bet if you had a 4th stick it would all work
  2. ronintexas said:

    yes sir, indeed, blue is my color, FD is my BIOS :D
  3. I think you must run ram in pairs.( like 2 or 4)
  4. Try raising the DRAM voltage +0.06 and the CPU/NB voltage to 1.22, AMD has weak MCs and the the little extra voltage might kick things into gear, the MC may be laboring with the third stick
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