Dell nVidia Geforce 7800 GTX 256MB PCI-e Dual DVI Graphics Card

Should this card work in a non-Dell PC? I installed it in my tower and the auto-detect on the nVidia site doesn't detect it. It came with a long frame extension, which I removed so it would fit in my home-grown PC. It doesn't show up in Device Manager, either.
Motherboard: Intel Desktop Board DG965WH
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  1. Yes it should...... however it should appear in the device manager, perhaps you didn't seat it firmly in your mobo? make sure you correctly connected the 6pin PCI-E power connector to the video card.
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    It happens often the nVidia site won't detect your vga card it is usually a Java issue you can manually go thru the menu and download your driver. It is strange your DM doesn't see it. Did you go into the bios and turn off the on-board video?
  3. Sorry gang... forgot to set BIOS from on-board graphics to PCI. Big ol' DUH! Working now.
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