Help..about 2 months ago it started, I home built a computer using a gigabyte mb, AMD quad core cpu, 8gig ripjaw ram, GeForce

this computer worked great for over a year, then one day about two moths ago froze solid. I had to do a hard restart, it again worked fine for another week, I ran scans startup manager, even updated my drivers for my video card, but it got to a point where it would freeze solid on startup, I took out the hard drive and replaced it, reloaded the os (windows 7)all the drives and software and again it worked fine for about a week, now it's back to the same stuff freezing right after start up or in the middle of start up, but it seems to be random, as far as the amount of time it will run before it freezes, can anyone give me some advice that isn't installing some program that says it detected 20 problems and pay $ 49.95 and it will fix em?
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  1. You can try doing a bios update. Are the Windows updates current ? Have you looked at the Event Viewer to see if it recorded why it happens. There is also a free program that's called Who Crashed and it's similar to the event viewer and will let you know the cause if it identified it.
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    I've never heard of a problem like this persisting, the best course if action is to get in contact with a major parts retailer/computer store and ask them about it and they should be able to take a look at it and test components and they'll be able to tell you what's wrong and possibly be able to fix it
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