Call of duty ghosts issues

Am i the only one or does ghosts perform badly on other pc's as well? I mean i have to drop the settings to console quality (for a pc gamer this is terrible). I get about 30 to 45 fps but on Black ops II i get 45 60. I have a decent rig to specs: Amd a8 quad core 3870k 3.0 ghz, 6gb ddr3 ram, 1 tb toshiba sata 7500 rpm, and last but not least a geforce gtx 650 gddr5 2gb gpu. These are decent specs if you ask me and i can run every single game on ultra except this one which is bull crap. My most intensive games so far:ACIII, planetside 2, gta 4 (poorly ported game). That is it my computer runs everything else on high 40-60 fps. Ghosts also has slutters, skips, and other issues. If anybody has or know if IW will come out with a fix let me know but this was to mainly see if other people are having this same issue.

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  1. I've read that this game is not well optimized for PC, that is why I've stayed away from this game even though I love call of duty games
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