Need help getting rest of my parts for my 1st computer build.

ok so i just purchased corsair cx 500 power supply and a IN WIN GT1 White SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case off new egg and a AMD fx-630o cpu so all i need now is a hard drive prob about 2tb should be fine i can always ad anouther tb later on wanna get 8 or 16 gb ram and a good graphics card to run games like wow, starcraft ect, without problems an optical drive most likely windows 7 64 bit and a motherboard if you guys can help me find the rest all i got is the power supply, cpu and case and maybe if anyone knows if i can get any more fan in the case to keep it even cooler and maybe how to add some lights and maybe a fan controller and i want the graphics card to already come over clocked thanks and a few usb ports on the motherboard and sata cables for my extra hard drive i can later on thank you ifeel a little lost lol
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