Computer random shutdown/turnoff and gpu fan at max, random restarts HELP!!!


I have this problem with my computer. My system is randomly turning off with no display and at the same time my GPU fan goes to full speed. When i turn everything off and restart again after couple of tried it works fine until another random shutdown occurs. So i am not sure whether its my GPU or PSU. I already sent my GPU once for RMA but they sent me back the same stating no issue with GPU. I have yet to send my PSU, but i feel that its not the issue with PSU, i don't really want to send my well working PSU just because of some hunch, unless i am sure that its my PSU i won't send it for RMA.

I forgot to tell there are two types of random shutdown occurs with my PC.
(1) When screen goes off immediately and GPU fan goes to 100% speed. At this moment PC power led is still on while HDD led is dim.
(2) When PC just turns off entirely, like you have directly turned it off from main switch. At this moment sometimes PC just restarts automatically after few seconds and sometimes its not.

So everything happens randomly. Anyway i have Corsair CX600 V2 SMPS and XFX 5830 1 GB GDDR5.

Please give me your suggestions, what further steps i need to take.

Thank you
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  1. Corsair CX600 V2 SMPS 600W, it can't be i hardly play any games these days.. and shutdown occurs even if i just work on MS word or listen to any song.
  2. I think i missed to add one important thing, i didn't think it could be such a thing to mention here. I may be imagining things but this random shutdown gpu fan max issue started after i installed windows 8 developer preview in my system, now that i think about it, i can clearly remember it started occurring since the time i first used dev preview, then issue continued in consumer preview then same with Retail. If i think back, i never had such issue with same hardware when i was using windows 7. Do u think it may be possible that somehow my hardware such as motherboard or gpu is not compatible with windows 8. It maybe generating some sort of error in the background?
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