Upgrade my CrossfireX HD5850

Hello all,

I am starting a new thread as I didn't really find a convincing thread covering this topic. So, as of January 2014, do you think upgrading a crossfire 5850 to a single GTX 760 will get me at least 15% improvement? I am not unhappy with my current setup but not very happy either with a two-card solution, especially ATI based as the micro stutter in certain games is quite annoying. It also takes up all the space on my motherboard and I have to leave my Creative X-Fi card out.

I can get some cash by selling the crossfire pair as it's really a very able pair for even Battlefield 4 but if I were to go with a single-card setup and need 15% boost, what would be my best option? Thank You.
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  1. gtx 760 is really a good choice :)
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