Constant Static From Asus Xonar Essence STX

I just replaced my PCI HT Omega Claro II with a PCIe Asus Xonar Essence STX, mainly because my Claro would cause BSOD if I had my Nvidia Audio Drivers installed with it's. IDk but not the point, anyways, I hear a constant static noise now with this card, weather its from front or rear audio ports. I have my onboard disabled, i made sure to remove all other audio drivers before i even put the card into my system. I did re install my graphics card audio drivers though.

The card sits in my very top PCIe slot which puts it between my graphics card and my cpu heatsink. It shares it's 4 pin molex with my fan control unit but i even tested without the controller plugged in. I do use a 4 pin cable extension though, don't know if that could be causing it haven't tested yet. I also have a esta to 4 pin cable i might try.

But here is the odd part, I do hear the static weather im at idle or if something is playing, if i adujst the volume the static stays the same lvl, so if i am playing something it usually will drown out the static till it quiets down then i can start to hear it again. but the static doesnt start until windows is loaded up, if im in my bios or the computer is loading into windows i don't hear anything, its right as soon as windows is done loading though.

any suggestions or help? or and btw my card arrived a little bent. any way that could cause this?
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  1. Okay, so I moved the sound card to my other PCIe slot which is between my 2 graphics cards instead of on top of my first one, and it seems like the static got a bit quieter but it's still there and still very noticeable. I even tested using my sata to molex power cable and still got static. I'm starting to think the problem is from where my sound card is bent or it might just be the fact im using a $20 pair of headphones till my ATH AD700x gets here but I never had this static problem from my Claro II
  2. Glad to know, no one is able to help me on this website or any other website for that matter. Thanks guys.
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    I have the same issue, it may have to do with the headphones...The output impedance of Xonar STX for headphones is 10 ohm, so headphones in the range of 0-64 ohm are sensitive and can pick up noise and static that headphones of 600ohm cannot. My advice is to ditch the ad700x (I have ad900x and constant static) which has roughly 35ohm and go for something above 100ohm.
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