Good Gaming Computer Under 24000 RS

PLZ Guys Help Me

I Want To build A Gaming Computer Under Rs:- 24000
I Dont Want To Buy 1) A Hard disk because I Already Have 1 TB HDD
2) Nvidea Geforce 210 1Gb Graphic Card

My Current Specs Are:-
1) 2.60ghz Dual Core Processor.
2) 3 Gb DDR 2 Ram
3) 1 Tb Hdd
4) 1 Gb Graphic Card (Nvidea)
5) DVD Drive
6) G31M-ES2L Motherboard

I Am Selling This Computer Without Hard disk And Graphic Card.

So I Have Rs :- 24000 To Buy A New Computer
I Want A i5 Processor
8 Gb DDR 3
A good Cabinet with power supply
dvd drive
a good motherboard

Should I Buy This One Or Please Suggest me

ASUS P8B75-MLX PLUS Motherboard Rs:- 4500
Intel 3.1 GHz LGA 1155 Core i5 3450 Processor Rs:- 11000
Kingston HyperX DDR3 8 GB RAM Rs:- 5500
LG GH24NS71/GH24NS72/GH24NS95 Rs:- 1000
A Cabinet With Power Supply ( PLEASE SUGGEST )

Is This Is Good Gaming Computer With Nvidea Geforce 210 And 1 TB HDD

Please Suggest ( I dont want to buy a new graphic card and hdd)

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  1. The build is all good,do you have fans for cooling? Just get a 420Watt supply for that rig,wont be much of a problem.get one from corsair.they have a wide variety of those
  2. Sorry but u will have to throw your current graphic card for a gaming build
  3. chimera201 said:
    Sorry but u will have to throw your current graphic card for a gaming build

    i know my graphic card is very bad
    plz tell me a good graphic card under 3500RS
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