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hi..i am havin a lil trouble with my xtrnl hard disk(1 tb).it ws workin fine til the othr day and suddenly when i try to access the files and folders,they donot open and it says "not responding".All my data is in there,so please tell me what to do.
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  1. If it's mains-powered, try unplugging it from mains supply then plug it back in.

    You need to keep your important data backed up to a second hard drive, one is not enough
    A hard drive can fail without warning at any time, then your data will need very expensive professional recovery!

    Believe me, I've been there. Lost 3 years of digital pictures. Lesson learned. Now I keep three backups of everything on three external hard drives.
  2. i have tried unpluggin and pluggin it back on several times and it still doesnt work.n i cannot copy the stuff into ma laptop cz its gettin stuck again.is there anythng i can do?
  3. What brand and make is the external hard drive?
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